Alternative funerals

You might have heard about the shift towards alternative funerals in Adelaide and around the world. Of course ‘alternative’ means different things to different people. For some, it might mean holding the ceremony in a special place such as a beach or camping spot. For others, it might mean including passions such as art or craft. A funeral is a deeply personal experience. You should feel free to create a funeral that reflects the unique spirit of the person you are honouring.

As a celebrant specialising in alternative funerals in Adelaide I will support you. This might be as simple as a meeting to help you talk through the options. I can also be more deeply involved. Alternative funerals in Adelaide and South Australia are always possible. They might take a little longer to organise

There is also a growing interest in death care at home. Some people want to be involved at all stages of end of life including caring for a loved one’s body. I recommend talking this through with a trusted doctor or nurse so that you understand what this involves. There are also many funeral directors who will support you in this.

You can also read about my work in green funeralsfeminist funerals, and do-it-yourself funerals.

People’s life stories are a rich and powerful gift. As a funeral celebrant, it is my great privilege to honour those stories by helping you create a meaningful, individual ceremony.