Funeral celebrant fees

Standard Fee

Funeral or memorial service (including interment of ashes): $400

What does the standard fee include?

For a funeral or memorial service the fee is all-inclusive and covers
– our family interview where we can discuss the format and content;
– all follow-up interviews or clarifications conducted by phone or email;
– travel within the Adelaide metropolitan region;
– writing the ceremony;
– writing a eulogy if required or offering any guidance on writing the eulogy;
– help with selecting content such as poetry, readings, or music as required;
– conducting the service according to your instructions;
– a written and an electronic copy of the service.


Variations to the fee

For more complex services (for example, services longer than two hours) or services outside the Adelaide metropolitan region there may be additional costs such as travel costs, but I will always discuss these with you first.

I am sometimes in a position to negotiate the fee according to your circumstances.


With a funeral director

There is a difference in payment if you come to me directly or through a funeral director. If you have contacted me directly and we are not working with a funeral director I’ll invoice you for payment. As noted above, this fee is generally $400, with some adjustments for more complex services.

Through a funeral director the arrangement will be slightly different. Funeral directors will usually include a celebrant’s fee in their pricing structure. If you don’t see it itemised you should ask, but all the funeral directors I work with will have it clearly shown. The celebrant’s fee can vary slightly between funeral directors, and between celebrants. If we are working with a funeral director then payment will come via the funeral director. This isn’t always the case, but it’s usually the way it works.