Pre-planning a funeral

Do people really want to plan their own funerals?

Yes, many people do. It might be as simple as having a ‘funeral song’ that they want played at the funeral or writing a letter to be shared on the day. Other people have more substantial wishes like a green funeral or natural burial.

Besides wanting some input on the content, there are many other reasons people want to pre-plan a funeral. You might be wanting to relieve the stress for the people you love. On a deeper level, you might be seeking ways to make peace with your mortality. Some people might even want to have a service before they die, giving themselves a chance to say goodbye to the people they have loved and who have loved them. 


How do I pre-plan a funeral?

Pre-planning a funeral can be as formal or as informal as you like. Many funeral directors have a funeral pre-planning service. This is generally a pre-paid plan that will cover the costs of a funeral’s logistics. Sometimes this includes providing information about music and readings. However, if you are looking for guidance with funeral pre-planning that includes your service – the format, music, readings for example – you could also meet with a celebrant. Or you might talk about it with someone close to, or just write down some of your ideas.

Whether you have a simple request like a particular song, or more complex requirements like a natural burial, I strongly recommend that you tell someone you trust about your wishes. You might even want to tell more than one person. Sometimes people include information about their funeral with their will or other official documents. Writing it down is a great idea, but make sure someone knows about it…and don’t forget to tell them where you’ve written it down. And if you have included anyone specific in your plans, consider telling that person about it first.

I do not have an up-front funeral planning service. You will need to go to a funeral director for that. But if you want to talk about the details of your funeral please feel free to get in touch.