Green funerals

What is a green funeral?

A green or ‘eco’ funeral means different things to different people. For some, it might centre around a natural burial. For others, it might mean keeping everything simple, in which case a direct cremation and a scattering of ashes might be most appropriate. But for nearly everyone, a green funeral will mean asking about the options and making considered choices. 


How do I organise a green funeral?

Green funerals in Adelaide and South Australia are growing in popularity and are becoming much easier to organise. There are some funeral directors in Adelaide who specialise in green, eco or natural funerals, but nearly all funeral directors have some experience with green funerals. There are some beautiful natural burial sites in Adelaide, including two managed by the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority


There is more to an eco funeral than the coffin

As a funeral celebrant specialising in green funerals, I know that it is about much more than choosing the right coffin. If you have lived a life committed to environmentalism you will want to make sure your final acts and choices reflect that commitment. Some of those choices are obvious (for example, the materials used for the coffin), but you want a service that reflects your life’s philosophy too.

My interest in supporting green funerals in Adelaide comes from many things. My parents left me a small share in a heritage block in the Flinders Ranges. It has no material value because it cannot be ‘developed’ or sold for profit, but it is a true treasure. In my twenties I became a vegetarian and marched in anti-nuclear rallies led by Peter Garrett. I find peace in the smell of a lemon-scented gum and the sound of the waves. I know that green funerals go far deeper than the tangible choices that people will see. As a funeral celebrant, I craft ceremonies that truly reflect your life’s philosophy.


Don’t leave it to chance

If you do have particular wishes for your own funeral do be sure to discuss those wishes with your family and friends. Don’t assume that people know what you want. They might not have done the same research as you. On top of that, organising a funeral is naturally a very sad and stressful time. They simply might not have the capacity to take on a lot of research at that time. Write down anything that is especially important to you … and make sure you let your family and friends know it’s there.