Planning a natural burial in Adelaide or South Australia? Don’t overlook the importance of the ceremony in crafting a funeral that reflects your life’s philosophy.

Natural burials are a key consideration in green funerals. For myself, I haven’t quite decided whether I prefer cremation or natural burial. However, I am leaning further towards a natural burial all the time. In Adelaide, there are two natural burial sites both administered by the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority. One is at at Enfield Memorial Park, and the other is at the Smithfield Memorial Park. Each of these spaces is defined by its natural beauty, tranquility and simplicity.

The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority has this pamphlet outlining the logistical and legal details involved in a natural burial.

But as you plan a natural burial–choosing your site, deciding whether to use a shroud or a coffin–don’t overlook the importance of the ceremony. Even the shortest of funeral ceremonies can reflect your life’s philosophy. This gives people who attend a deep and lasting reminder of your spirit and essence. There is, for example, a lot of beautiful Australian poetry which is rarely used at funerals. A.D. Hope’s The Death of the Bird, a work he read at his own wife’s funeral is just one example.

I’m guessing that people who choose natural burials for family members might also want to lead the ceremony themselves. Of course, this is a hunch and I have no evidence. But in case I’m right, I’m writing more blog posts to help you write a ceremony. I’ll include possible structures, suggested poems and tips for presentation. In the meantime, if you are considering a natural burial and would like ideas or advice for the service, please feel free to get in touch.