Traditional services

Whether it’s for a funeral or a memorial, your relationship with me will probably begin with a short phone call. I am an independent celebrant which means you can contact me directly or ask a funeral director to contact me on your behalf. Funeral directors often recommend celebrants they know, but if you know a celebrant you would like to use you are always able to ask.

After our phone call, I will come and meet with you, usually at your home. At this stage, you might have a strong idea about how you would like the funeral to proceed or you might be looking to me for guidance and suggestions. I can act as a simple guide and coordinator, or I can create the entire ceremony. I am also happy to be there with you when you first meet the funeral director to make sure that we all understand your needs right from the start.

From here, I will work with you and other relevant family and friends to create and coordinate the service. Working closely with family members and friends, I can write a eulogy for you, help you to prepare one, or give you some simple advice and techniques.

On the day of the funeral, depending on what we have planned I will either conduct the funeral service or support you as you do it with your family and friends. Throughout the day, I will work closely with the funeral director to make sure you feel fully supported.